GSnaps on LÜM: 🎶 leave a message at the BEEP BEEP🎶 
My submission for the #LumsGotTalent contest!!!
•beat by: pudabeats (I’m a fan) 
Hey it’s G snaps yeah I got talent
 if you like what you hear go and check me on the ballot I’m up for the challenge 
I’m out to make it happen 
all night I put on a show 
just call me Jimmy Fallon 

they ring me up, they tell me that it’s free free
 you ring me up 
I’ll tell you leave a message at the beep beep 
out of all my friends I am the one and only Phoebe
 Im a little quirky and my pasts a little freaky 

Yeah, they say I’m the bomb I’m a blow up 
Im Jerry your Tom, Jonesing for me so what
I’m built nice like a pear from the floor up 
I’m sour on your tongue like you’re sick cherry syrup. 

Turn up! The volume, wanna make the wall boom
 shake shimmy earthquaking bouncing 
move and make room 
I’m coming through never frozen like a statue 
damn I love y’all so much talent here on LÜM!